A Mother & Her Unconditional Love for Her Son and Son-In-Law

It has been an exciting and adventurous 7 years sharing my life with a career diplomat. Our journey together started in San Francisco with stops in Dallas, Mexico City, and now Washington, DC. On a recent visit to our place in DC , I sat down with my mom, Beverly, to get her unique point of view and thoughts about our journey together. I can tell you that there were several times in our conversation where we both had tears in our eyes (tears of joy that is)! We are both very fortunate to have her unconditional love and support. I hope you enjoy this piece.

So, what did you think when you found out I shared my life with a man from the Mexican Foreign Service?

Well, that’s tough because I didn’t really have a full picture of what it all really meant to be a diplomat.  I knew you were marrying this wonderful man, and I really didn’t understand what his diplomatic position was with the Mexican Foreign Service so I was just happy that you had found someone who was an amazing man and human being. And, I thought you both would be in San Francisco indefinitely.

From L to R: son-in-law Jonathan, son Kevin, and mom Beverly

From L to R: son-in-law Jonathan, son Kevin, and mom Beverly

When did you realize that we would be moving around and not staying in any one place for more than 3-4 years?

Honestly, when you told me you were going to move from San Francisco to Dallas. I think the first move was so traumatic for me as I realized you would be uprooting your life. It was a concern for me because I knew you had a great job, you were doing well, and I thought it would turn into a long term career. Because of my situations in the past, I was concerned about you giving up your life and career, or your ability to make a good life for yourself. When you bet 100% on your spouse or partner for financial support, you wonder what may happen to your child and their future? And, what would happen if the relationship didn’t work out? I was nervous because you were with a great company, and you seemed very happy in San Francisco. Every loving mother wants their children to do and be well. I knew when you decided to move to Dallas that you were placing a lot of faith and trust in Jonathan and I think that is not an easy thing for anyone to do. 

Kevin's response to his mother

Kevin's response to his mother

When we moved to Mexico City after living in Dallas did you have any concerns?

There was definitely a concern for your safety, and I wondered if the both of you were going to be okay. Most Americans have an opinion of Mexico that is associated with drug cartels, crime, etc. and I was concerned about your well being when you moved there, but I found comfort in knowing that Jonathan grew up there, and was well acquainted with the city.

Since you have visited both Mexico City and other areas of Mexico how would you describe your experience? 

It was totally different than what is presented in the media. It was beautiful, pleasant, and hectic. I felt like Mexico City was like New York City, but on steroids. And at times there was an overwhelming amount of noise, but your place was very secluded and quiet for the most part. I enjoyed it thoroughly, especially spending time with Jonathan’s family. Oh, and I loved all the hummingbirds.


Through this entire experience and thinking about your two sons, what have you taken away from it?

I think for the lifestyle that you and Jonathan live it works very well, but if you both had decided to have children and wanted to be grounded, it would have been really difficult. It is a very positive experience for you, and luckily, I have had the opportunity to come and visit or I would have been devastated and felt like I lost you. That would have been hard for me, but we have been able to maintain a healthy relationship through all of this and I don’t have any fears. As far as the future holds there is that constant doubt that you will posted very far away geographically, and as I get older I wonder if I will be able to visit you two.

What is something about diplomats that you have discovered through this experience?

I think with diplomats the job can be an appointed position where the individual may not have any significant training or experience, but with Mexico I am so impressed with Jonathan as a professional and how he handles difficult situations. I think that he has taught me to be more open-minded. He is very in touch with how to read others, and doesn’t immediately jump to judgement or conclusions. He is such an amazing person. He accepts people as family and treats everyone with respect and dignity. 

Any last-minute thoughts?

It’s nice to be loved by my son-in-law, and that we get to spend quality time together. I feel very fortunate I have the both of you in my life. I know when I travel with you two or get to spend time with the two of you it is always such a positive experience. There is never any negativity, but I don’t think either of you allow for negativity in your life!

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