The Proud Diplomat...

is a space dedicated to sharing the real and inspiring stories of the LGBTQ global community.
We aim to tell stories that are authentic and imperfect, conversational and creative just like the everyday lives we lead. But, we need your help!

Hi, my name is Kevin Huntting and I share my life with my husband, Jonathan, who is a Mexican Diplomat. My first relocation with him from San Francisco to Dallas was full of excitement, and fear as I uprooted both my professional and personal life to begin this diplomatic journey. This project started as I noticed there was little, if any, information about the experiences of the LGBTQ international community, including diplomats, expats, their spouses, friends or families.  

Our focus is to be a resource for this community who are seeking to connect, learn, and share their experiences with other members of the broader LGBTQ community. Our goal is to positively impact the lives of those who are on a similar path. We believe the best way to lead healthy and fulfilling lives is by sharing our authentic stories, and making meaningful connections. 

LGBTQ Diplomats and expats deal with very specific issues that many individuals will never be faced with like Visa status issues, homophobia, and general day-to-day questions on how to best acclimate yourself to a new country, city, culture, and people.

Our primary focus is to:  

  • CONNECT. We are a unique community! And, a place where the international foreign service and expat community can connect, share and create positive dialogue.

  • INFORM. We offer a fresh perspective on relevant issues impacting this global community.

  • INSPIRE. We feature the real personal stories of individuals, couples, spouses, family members, and friends who are a part of this broad community. We hope our stories help inspire others!

We all live with the objective of being happy;
our lives are all different and yet the same.
— Anne Frank