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Thanks for visiting us! The Proud Diplomat is an informative space for the LGBTQ international community including expats and diplomats, their spouses, partners, family and friends. Our focus is to share the authentic stories of this community as well as relevant information. 


Pride & Corporate Sponsors

Following a month of Pride parades and festivals, with many more as summer draws to a close, The Proud Diplomat is taking the time to critically analyze the role of corporate involvement in Pride festivities.


Earning The Green Stripe: The Environment & The LGBTQ+ Community. The LGBTQ+ community is one among many that make up humankind on our vibrant planet. And, LGBT individuals often beat out heterosexual individuals in their beliefs concerning the environment and sustainability!


Let’s Talk Intersectionality: Confronting Racism in the Gay Community. Yes, racism does exist in the gay community - specifically for Asian Americans! Let's take a step forward by understanding the sociological factors behind it.


Tackling Loneliness In The LGBTQ+ Community.  The question of loneliness and isolation has become an increasingly present one in the LGBTQ+ community. 


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